Oh Hello! Hey.

This is me.

I'm a mid to late 30's (ummm when did that happen??) mama with a lot to say about everything. I'm Krystle and I have a little babe, Willow, and together, we will let you in on our adventures (and misadventures).

We started this journey to let other new mums (and mums to be) that they aren't alone in this parenting gig. It can be tough, it's bloody hard and there is so much that no one tells you when you are pregnant. That's what I am here for. I never had anyone to talk to about what will happen to me during pregnancy and the first few weeks of motherhood (and obviously now beyond that). I felt I needed to know that I would go through some pretty gross times and that I would no longer have my body as my own! 

I see so many new mamas that are afraid to talk about these types of things and in turn, bundle everything up inside and become depressed (PND is a terrible and sad thing to have to go through). We need each other to stay sane, to tell each other that you are ok and doing the best you can, and to sometimes just have a good cry and whinge about, well, anything! I always try to see the funny side of things (which is reflected in my blog posts and social media) because you have to laugh. If we can't laugh, we will cry and if we cry, there will be a lot of women running around with ugly cry face on and we don't want that. 

I'm honest, I'm real and I will tell you that you will pee yourself at some stage.

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Krystle Brant

Mama, Writer, Comedian, Terrible Cook.

'My child doesn't eat chocolate... who's the real winner here?'