Is This It? Is it Go Time?

As I keep an eye on my pregnancy app and look at the milestones for that week I finally get to 32 weeks and think – SHIT I have 8 weeks to go and I will be responsible for another human – eep!

I have heaps of time to get sorted, I am still to have my baby shower and the cot and rest of the nursery stuff is yet to be delivered, I have heeeeaaapppsss of time!


As of 4 days ago, I started having a fair bit of tightening in my stomach. I was like, prfttt Braxton Hicks don’t have anything on me, I got this. Every 2 hours it would tighten for about 30 seconds and then all was good until the next time. The following day was a completely different ball game. I was at work and they were coming on strong and very tight every 10-15 mins for about a minute, sometimes more. Me being me, the anxious stress head that I am started to worry. Hmmm I’m not sure these are normal. They did not slow down or feel less uncomfortable. I called my student midwife who suggested I call the hospital just for a quick check as they sound a little more than just ‘Braxton Hicks’. I finished my emails for the day and headed off to the hospital, still timing the pains on my app (lifesaver).

I get to the hospital and wait in the birthing suites until a doctor is available to see me. So peaceful and relaxing – NOT! All I could hear from the other suite was a woman screaming for dear life, is she dying??? Holy f#$k, I change my mind. Anxiety sets in and Im trying to breathe through the panic attacks I’m having.

Within 10 minutes a midwife comes in with a doctor and they hook me up to some monitors to see how my little human is and to see what is actually happening in there. Heart beat good – tick! Movements good – tick! Contractions – tick! Wait, what???? Ummm no. Ahh yes, you are definitely having pre labour contractions. WTF??? HUH?  The yoncè is yet to arrive as I told him it wasn’t serious so stay at work and I would call him with more info. I’m ok, just a little shocked seeing as I am only 32 weeks, a little too early for this bambino to make her appearance just yet!

My waters haven’t broken (which I never knew that that might not at all) and to my knowledge I still had my Mucus Plug in tact so what is happening??? The doctor comes in again, tells me to relax and then shoves what feels like his whole left arm up my vagina!


Painful was an understatement, my screams could be matched to the lady down the hall. Having your cervix checked is not a fun venture – at all! All of that and then to tell me that I have not dilated at all. It’s a good thing however, why the contractions? My little miss is breech and is telling my body that she is ready to come out but my body is all – ummm hell no baby, not just yet! The doctor does another test to see if there are any traces of the amniotic fluid near my cervix, if there is, the baby had to come out – that very night!!! Cue anxiety from my end! So many thoughts – will she be ok? Will she need extra care? Will I be ok? Apparently yes. They would give me a shot of steroids (oh yeah Arnieeeeee) to help her lungs develop and she would need to stay in hospital for a while.

Ok, I got this! G was with me now and I felt confident!

The test comes back, no fluid! So she is staying in for a bit longer! So what is happening? What’s with the contractions (THAT I HAVE NOW HAD FOR 4 DAYS STRAIGHT!)?? My body is preparing for labour (they call it false labour but that’s a really shitty name as there is nothing false about the pain). Pre Labour is where your uterus contracts (like labour) to push baby down into position and prepare the body for go time! Its uncomfortable, it’s painful and if going on for a while can be very annoying. These can go on for WEEKS – WEEKS people!!!! My back hurts, I can’t breathe properly, I am working from home as I can’t be more than 10 mins from the hospital, my vagina feels like its about to fall off and little by little, I have bits of Mucus plug making its way out every time I pee. It’s AMAZING!!!!! I change my mind, can you do that?

I was suppose to stay in hospital but seeing as we live so close, I am able to stay in my own home and go back in once the pains become unbearable. I just need to keep her in for a little bit longer, I can deal with the pains for now and I know I will have her at the end of all of this so it will be worth it but for now, I want to sit in my shower for the rest of my pregnancy days and cry. Can I do that?


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