Making The Change Back to Goats Milk.

It’s been no secret that we’ve always had an issue with Willows sensitivity to certain things in regards to her diet. When I switched her to formula after I stopped breastfeeding her, we went through a good 6 weeks of trying different brands to see which would be better on her stomach. This meant, constant crying and she was so unsettled and I eventually put it down to the formula I was giving her. Cows Milk. It was causing so much discomfort for her, bloating, gas and skin rashes.

I changed her to Goats Milk and everything changed. She was more settled, happy and was feeding like she loved it.

Everyone had told me that once they get to 12 months, their stomachs had ‘matured’ and they would have more of a tolerance to cows milk. So, I changed her to cows milk formula and it was fine for about a year and a half (or so I thought).

It didn’t actually click that she had a full blown intolerance to cows milk as she was still eating yoghurt and cheese with little issues. However, she was having issues. Her nappies were showing that it was going straight through her and causing pain, she was getting light rashes on her body and she was bloating quite quickly after eating or having formula.

Some have asked why I still have her on formula seeing as she is 2.5 years old, it’s for this reason. She doesn’t eat a lot of meat (if any to be honest). We’ve tried all the ways to get her to eat it and she isn’t interested. We found that formula was adding in some of the vitamins she may not be getting and plus she still finds comfort in a bedtime bottle (as do I, just more of the tall glass bottle kind).

I decided to switch back to Goats Milk and that’s when we tried Bubs Goat Milk Toddler. Literally within a week of her being on it again, her nappies were better, her tummy was softer and she was generally more happy (still very sassy but happier sassy). We shouldn’t have changed her just because people told us too, instead, went with what we knew and kept her on Goats Milk.

I use it in her smoothies, cereals, any snacks I bake her and of course, her bedtime bottle. What we’ve found is, that the reason she accepts it better is that it is made with easy digestion in mind (which is awesome) and is a nourishing and gentle alternative to cow’s milk based products (which is also awesome!) I think the best part about it is, children with sensitive tummies, allergies/intolerances, digestive issues, congestion and skin conditions benefit so much from it as well.

It has ADVANCED PLUS+ formulation which blends the highest quality whole goat milk and goat whey protein with a balanced daily intake of essential fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids, and advanced supplements including Omega-3 DHA, Omega-6 ARA and Prebiotics GOS and FOS.

Bubs ‘premium’ formulation will help nutritionally support comfortable and gentle digestion whilst providing our babes with all the balanced nutrition they need to support their immune system, growth and development.

Now that may read as though I copied and pasted (which I did) but all of that info is what makes the Toddler Milk SO AMAZING!

This is the best part, IT’S PRODUCED IN AUSTRALIA!!! Yep, all the way over in Victorian countryside (who else wants to go there?!), it is the only Australian made Toddler Milk sold in Australian supermarkets. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about supporting our home produced products, and not only that but now Willow can get the best she needs!

Bubs Goat milk Toddler is now available in Woolworths Australia wide and at a cost of $32 per can.

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