Remember Me, The Old Me?

Now let me start by saying, I love my friends, they are my family. We are friends because we get each other. We can say what we think and know that neither one of us will get offended. They are the first person we message or call when we have something awesome to say because they always know what to say to make you feel amazing (even if starting that side business wasn't the greatest idea). But they are your friends. And they love you back.

I'm a mum. I gave birth to another human, I know right, crazy! However, I am also Krystle. The exact same person I was before I fell pregnant, before I had Willow. The only difference is that I now have a mini version of myself running after me yelling 'muuuuum, mum, mummmmm, mamaaaaaa'. I'm not going to lie, gone are the days of being able to sleep in after a massive night out, or running out the door with just your phone and wallet, or spending hours getting ready for a night out without little fingers stealing your Mac No.15 makeup brush. But do you know what we can still do? We can still do 'girls night out'. WHAT??? Yes. We can still rush out the door, get to your house/restaurant/club with just our phone and wallet. WHY? Because we have been planning this night out since you asked us if we wanted to go! We have organised someone to watch the bebe (dad/grandparent/friend etc) so we can get ready (pull out the sexy heels and spend the time making our face look AH-MAZING) and meet you for some cocktails and a dance off that we have been secretly practising in the mirror for the past week or so.

We didn't die. We didn't move to Mars. WE HAD A BABY. That does not mean that we are no longer the person you befriended so many years ago (or soooooooooo many years ago, when side fringes covered our eyes and tans were as orange as a Dorito). It doesn't mean we don't know how to drop it low (although for some of us, we can not drop to low as the pelvic floor is not as strong as it used to be), it does not mean that we can't drink until our words don't make sense (although, vomiting is not cool people.... morning sickness ruined that for all of us, amiright??) and it doesn't mean that we can't join into any conversations that don't involve babies or children. We do talk about other stuff, in fact, we like not talking about our kids sometimes, it keeps us sane! 

We love getting out of the house and feeling like we have no responsibility, at least for a few hours. Will we say no if you ask us? Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes our minis will be sick or just want their mum, and in time you will get why we sometimes say no. We know you love our babes as much as we do, we see it all the time. But we need you to remember we are still the 'pre baby' person you used to sit in the garden with after a bottle of passion pop and talk about how security wouldn't let us in because we were missing a shoe. We just have other responsibilities now, and I know that having these other responsibilities will make us a better friend to you in some way I'm sure. 

Now I'm going to flip this around and give you a HUGE hug for dealing with our hormonal asses when we were pregnant, for seeing our breakdowns after baby was here and listening to us complain how our child won't do as they are told. We have also been the 'non baby' friend and we get it. All your friends are having babies and you feel left out, like we won't want to hear about your late night hook up or the time you passed out in the shower fully clothed. We live for that shit. That's why we love YOU. We know you will be where we are eventually (and if not, that's totally ok, your choice, your life, we will be there regardless). 

We love you and you love us. Yes, its a big adjustment to our lives but we can make it work. We are still the exact same person. We can still do girls night in/out, movie nights, short trips etc. We just need time to prepare and get sorted and too make sure our little human is ok because they will always come first. 

And when the time comes that you call us up after peeing on a stick, in tears, because you have made your own little mini, we will be there every step of the way. Because that's what friends do. We will tell you that you will pee yourself and your vagina is gong to feel like it has fell out. We will also be there with you when we go on a 'mums night out' to listen to you complain about how your child won't do as they are told and help you pump milk in the toilet cubicle in between cocktails while ensuring you that baby is ok and you have enough expressed milk to tie them over until tomorrow. 

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