So THAT Just Happened.

So here I am, writing about this amazing experience while keeping a rather large bucket next to me…woooo this is going to be SOOOO much fun – not!

Yep! I am actually growing a human! Not just any human, but what feels like a devil child with the way I have been feeling! ‘What’s that mum? You are half way to work, stuck in traffic and feeling nauseous? Here, let me help you!!!’ Projectile vomit in whatever I can find in the car, not a care if anyone can see me cause I literally do not give a f*#k right now!!

I have not been having a great time.

All the foods I love, I now can’t even THINK about as I want to vomit… Coconut ANYTHING! Nup, no can do (I just had to breathe through that gagging motion). It’s a sad time! BUT on the upside, the local Chicken and Chip shop LOOOOVE me – Ummm yeah I’ll just have a family size chips (for the family??) and the largest tub of gravy your have… oh and vinegar. K thanks!

BRB – just getting chips!

Ok so let’s go back to the beginning.

After being diagnosed with Adenomyosis, Endometriosis AND PCOS, my chances of having a baby naturally were pretty much non existent. My FS (Fertility Specialist) – among other specialists – had said ‘Krystle, your sitch is not great. If you fall naturally, we will be surprised as there are too many obstacles preventing that option! IVF is the only way to go, how do yo feel?

Ummm I feel like shit! Being told that you won’t be able to do what a woman is designed to do, yes,that is a major kick in the vagina! I had my moments where I cried – a lot. I thought that my partner would be better being with a functional human that can produce his spawn. I was depressed. That was it, I was disappointed and depressed. Greg (he’s the guy that I love and puts up with me) was very optimistic! We would save our dollars and try IUI first then head onto IVF possibly I’m the new year! Ok, I can do that (the FS said a 5% chance but hey, let’s do it).

We go on with our lives, see some nurses, have some tests and get all the information we need! Sperm count is great, it’s super fast and thick (cue Greg’s Robert De Niro head nod – if you haven’t seen ANY Robert De Niro movie, then move on).

We take all the information home, read it and all I could think was – this is going to be a very long ride!

Time went on and we just left it as it was, the plan was to start next year so hey! let’s just go cray and go out, have some fun, drink cocktails, eat sashimi, drink more cocktails! Life was good.

I had decided to start the both of us on some new vitamins (you know, to help??). Fish Oil, Magnesium etc etc. We were getting healthy biiiitchesssss.

I was walking through the garage one morning and felt the sudden urge to vomit..WTF??? Ahhhhh, must be the fish oil (seems like the most logical thing right??). I’ll stop those, it will be all good!

Little did I know that it was the very first sign of a human growing.

I was fine for the next week or two, just super tired. I mean I had been working long hours and it was a stressful job so that is totally warranted. I was due for my period in 2 days, I and the usual cramping but not the heavy feeling I usually get (having Adenomyosis is the worst during this time. Because the Endometriosis grows in the muscles of the uterus, it can’t be removed so you end of bleeding form the muscles, not just the uterus – it’s the most painful thing and one I am happy to not be dealing with for the next 7 months).

It had now been 4 days and still no period. I was usually a couple of days late as my cycle was redic (32 days, 35 days, 29 days, 31 days) – very bipolar! But it was different this time, my boobs hurt like crazy, I had the craziest dream about my dad (tears and all) and I was peeing like CRAZY!!!! Hmmm, you know what? I might do a test today – just to see.

I go to the shop, buy a 3 pack and head home. C’mon body, make the pee! FINALLY!! Peeeeeeeeee.

Not even 5 seconds into it, 2 very bright pink lines, just sitting there staring at me! Ok, I need to just chill out..what do I do? Who do I call? Greg is at a Crossfit Competition so I can’t call him..ummmm I’ll call Jasmin. Yep, that’s what I’ll do. Within 40 minutes I’m at her house with 2 non used tests. She makes me drink 50 L of water and I do another test – yep, there they are – 2 very dark lines!


What does Jasmin do, makes me watch What to Expect When You Are Expecting – I am a blubbering mess and all I could think about was how do I tell Greg? I head home and put a little box together full off Starburst lollies and Wafers (the kid is addicted) with a note that says ‘If I’m getting fat, you are too’.

Yep, that will be great idea. What happens when he opens it? He doesn’t get it – not even the slightest idea what is going on. Oh hang on… long pause… do you know what the note means Greg?


There we go, yes I am Greg – cue tears and shocked faces!

So that was it, we were going to be parents – very scared parents!

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