The Good Trimester? Is It Though?

So the 2nd Trimester is here… the time to start enjoying your pregnancy and it’s experiences, the time to dress for your new bump and the time to enjoy all that is to come your way.

What a load of shit!

All I have had is constant bloating (is she pregnant orrrrr just fat??), the constipation, the ‘nothing fits me I’m not going anywhere’ moments, the peeing (that doesn’t even come out all the way – why do that?? Why though?), the tiredness (all day, everyday – with secret power naps in the car at work) and the vomiting, which yes, it is still around! You think you are done then, BOOM, driving to get groceries…SPEW! No bag avail? No probs, I’ll pull over and do it in front of a whole shop of people at Blockbuster. Oh hey guys, yeah don’t mind me, just doing my thang… ooooo The Notebook… good choice!

To say it has all been bad, is a lie. I have seen our little human 3 times now and each time it looks more and more like a person. I have to say I have been one of those mothers to be that isn’t already in love with her baby. I still look at it like I’m seeing it on a Youtube video or Image Stock on Google. It hasn’t really hit me and to be honest, I have no clue when it will but in the meantime I breathe a sigh of relief every time I hear the heartbeat. How awesome is it that you can grow another human inside you, a thing that will one day be running around and using your makeup as crayons on the wall…Can’t wait, CAN.  NOT. WAIT!

Now I know that I was always a moody bitch to begin with so now that the hormones have well and truly kicked in, I am like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada but fatter..and pregnant! Poor Greg, he tries his best to keep me calm but the look on his face when I scream about the BBQ sauce bottle being left out and then start sobbing cause the cat is meowing is priceless. He is clueless on what he needs to do so just starts randomly saying things that in turn, make it worse.

Step away from the crazy lady and hand her the Zooper Doopers… All of them Greg. If he can keep his cool with me, his dad skills will be on point.

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