The Time Has Come.

It arrived.

The one thing I didn't miss while being pregnant. The one thing I saved money on while growing my bebe. The one thing that the yoncè didn't have to cringe over every month.


I remember watching a South Park episode once where Mr Garrison said that he couldn't trust women. Why? Because how could you trust something that bleeds for 7 days and doesn't die. Oh how that rings true.

At this very moment I am a woman who's anger levels are out of this world, who is eating every single scrap of food in the house and is annoyed at the fact that she has to go downstairs to the fridge to get ice cream cause the fridge was too bloody big for the removalists to bring upstairs. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? It's about 20 million frustrates... like I might put a hit out on the company!

Now, I haven't had to deal with this for over a year. I felt I really took advantage of it not being here during that time and now it's here, I feel angry about it. It's my own fault really. 

I would hear my friends tell me about their period and how its so inconvenient as they really wanted to wear the fitted white dress to 'Sharon's' 30th birthday but can't due to bloating and the fear of an accident. I laughed. I laughed because I didn't have to worry about that, I was pregnant (although, I did pee myself a couple of times but way less embarrassing).

It did take 3 months after having the bebe for it to return and my god, did it make an entrance! Not only did it arrive the day before my best friends wedding (where I was Bridesmaid and wearing dusty pink) but it was BAD. I was taking all forms of pain relief and double/triple checking every hour to ensure I was 'all good'. Every product on the market that I could buy was used. I'm talking pads, tampons, liners, ANYTHING that was absorbent enough to get me through the next week I was on to it. If it was socially acceptable to wear a nappy I would have. In fact, I might see if Willow has one to spare!

As I've spoken about in a previous blog, I have Endo and Adenomyosis meaning periods are death! Like, bed bound and can't move. Let me tell you this, birth does NOT fix it. Oh HELL no! My uterus was literally having a major bitch fit. It hated me and was not afraid for me to know ALL ABOUT IT. PLUS, I still had to mum the shit out of life during this time and that was hard. A baby does not want to lay in bed all day, a baby does not appreciate the regular toilet stops, and a baby does not care that you are in pain (well not yet anyway). You just have to suck it up, do what you gotta do and as everyone says to you during these bloody leaps 'this too shall pass'. 

I got through it, it took a good 2 weeks of me thinking that I may die (or worse, I may run out of my Ben and Jerry's stash) but I did it. I powered on and I got through the very first period since birth. 

OMG... totes can't wait for next month (insert unimpressed face here). 

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