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Updated: Feb 12, 2019

It's no secret to anyone that knows me that Willow isn't the greatest sleeper. When she was born, I got used to the wake ups throughout the night and hung on to the hope that once she hit 9 months (apparently this is the magical number) she would be an all night sleeper and I would again get all the beauty sleep I needed. Oh how life kicked me in the butt with that one!

It started with 5 times a night, and sometimes for no reason at all. It's now almost 2 years on and she is down to 1-2 times a night (more so for the dummy as that little sucker *pun intended* ends up somewhere on the bed and she can't find it). I don't think I've actually had a full nights sleep where I've been in such a deep sleep that I actually have a dream. I am always only 70% asleep and I'm up so fast at the slightest noise coming from her room. So basically, its been 2 years since I 'slept' like i did in my 20's.

As we got closer to Willows 1st birthday, I was so exhausted due to lack of sleep and was starting to take it out on Greg and Willow. I was willing to try anything and so it began. Black out curtains, White noise, Sleep Programmes, Lullabies, Heater/Air Con, Co Sleeping, Oils, Body Balms, Swaddles, Sleepsuits in all TOG's, Sleeping Aids, Sleep was becoming a joke! Some worked for a few nights (and by few I mean, 1 night here, 1 night there, never consecutive). I could see what was becoming frustrated too as she was tired. The day sleeps varied between 30 mins -2.5 hours so that wasn't the issue. The nights were the issue and we needed to sort it ASAP! 

The next big thing to take the mama world by storm was Doterra Oils. I had a lovely lady (Jazze) from The Calm Compound send me some oils and they worked but on a different level. Willow was falling asleep faster and was calm at bedtime but I still couldn't get her to sleep through the night. I began to hear other mamas say how their babes had been sleeping through since 4 weeks, since birth etc and I started become resentful because WHY WASN'T MY CHILD SLEEPING!!!!!! 

The best thing about being on Social Media is the fact that a lot of new products are constantly popping up in my feed and if I see something that takes my interest, Ill be all up in that and will purchase 50 of said product. After doing this, I quickly realise that it was a huge mistake and I've spent a shitload of money on something that doesn't work. Hence why I was a bit skeptical about the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid. I had seen a couple of other mamas try it and some had great reviews, others not so successful. At this stage, I was willing to try anything, I mean, I had already spent the trillions of dollars (slight exaggeration) on products before so whats another $130 right??

I ordered the product, got all the extras and waited for what felt like a month (ok it was 2 days but still... in mama sleep time, its a LONG time to wait). That blue box arrived and I did a happy dance around the kitchen to Drake and quietly prayed that THIS was the thing that would save our sleep! I unpacked the box, took it up to her room, set it up and read the booklet. They had basic instructions and noted that it may take a few different settings to get it right for your child/baby. For some reason I imagined it would be like magic and she would sleep all night from that point on. She didn't. Actually, she slept worse. She was waking up 3 times and waking super early. Ok. It's fine. We will see how we go for the next night. Again, terrible night...


I went back to the booklet and found an email to contact them to ask what I was doing wrong. I was answered within the first few hours and they were AMAZING! The guy that I was chatting to asked so many questions about Willows sleep, about Willow, her environment etc and was able to offer me a possible solution to try out for that night. He also reminded me that they have a 28 day refund offer so if I didn't notice a change in that time I would get a refund. I felt happy. Not only was I being listened to, I was being helped and not pushed aside AND they had faith in their product. THAT'S what pushed me to keep trying. 

I set up the machine to be on the brightest red light 20 minutes before her sleep, added 3 drops to the water and turned on the pink noise on the loudest setting and then went to the dullest red light at bedtime with the cool air humidifier on. Here we go again, let's see how this goes. WE HAD ONE WAKE UP. Yes, it was still a wake up but she self settled and that was huge for us. I went back again and told him what happened and he offered me another setting option to try. This time we did the bright light as before, tried 4 drops and dropped the pink noise to the lowest volume. SHE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. I'm talking 7pm-7:30am. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?!?!?!?!

Ok, it could be a fluke so I won't get too excited but we slept through for the first time in what felt like 20 years! It was glorious and also so scary, I had a dream guys! A full on, in colour dream about being locked in Myers and I made friends with the mannequins (I know, don't judge me) but wahooo!!

Bring on night 2. I did the exact same thing as the night before but decided to swap the pink noise as she was going to sleep, with her usual Disney Lullabies on the Google Mini to see if we could incorporate that. Once she was asleep, I'd put the pink noise on the lowest setting for the night. Again, SHE SLEPT THROUGH! 


White noise is equal energy per FREQUENCY and Pink noise is equal energy per OCTAVE.

Pink noise is a softer frequency as it filters to the human ear. In other words, White noise is a harder sound, Pink noise is a softer white noise sound. Make sense?

It's been 2.5 weeks now and she has only woke up twice in that whole time (once as she lost 'Lala'  (Lulladoll) over the side of the bed and the second time was for a power spew at 12am the other morning). I am feeling great, refreshed and energised to be a human again and Willow is getting a full nights sleep (varies between a 7am-8am wake up most mornings). Now I'm not saying that it was the Glow Dreaming Sleep Aid that has helped her but I'm also not saying it isn't. We haven't had any luck with any other product to help with sleep until we tried this. It could be luck but I'm going to stay that we have had success with it. It may not work for everyone, you may need to try a whole lot of settings before you find the one that works for your babe, and you may need to go back and forth with their customer care for help but we received so much help from them and found what we needed. SLEEP! It also gave me piece of mind that if it didn't work I could get a refund before 28 days after purchase. With a 98% success rate I was willing to try anything and I'm glad I purchased one. 

If you are serious about needing to find sleep for your babe, contact Glow Dreaming and ask the questions. I've also attached their website below so you can do some research before taking the plunge. I love what Cara and her hubby have done to be able to help other parents get back their sleep and help their babes to sleep better. 

Thanks guys, you helped us in more than ways than one!

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