This Is NOT a Hangover.

Morning Sickness ALL. DAY. LONG.

Whyyyyyyyyy little human why??????

I don’t think I have gone one day without a car vomit. This is not a pleasant part of pregnancy AT ALL. I work with a girl who is 30 weeks now and had no sickness at all (mind you, she is 24 and I am 33 – age makes a massive difference right??)

Lemonade Icy Poles, Cheese and Tomato toasted sandwiches, McChicken Burger (short lived), watermelon and now hot chips with gravy and vinegar! I can deal with that. Just stop me once I get to the Jessica Simpson phase (god help me).

Pee. I need to pee all the time. But not full-blown, been waiting all day, body shiver pee – like a ‘oh, is that it, is that all you got for me’ pee. Great! And let’s talk about the farting issue here. ALL. THE. TIME. So apparently the digestive system doesn’t work as fast as it usually does when you are pregnant so all those foods I’m eating are just slowly making their way through my digestive system.

Sorry Greg, it was the dog?? Yeah, yeah, it was the dog.

Oh and I am angry – about all the things. * The plastic bags are in the wrong draw * The charger isn’t where it normally is * Greg grew a moustache * Greg kept the moustache * Chloe (the dog) has poo on her butt and sits on the bed * The cat meows too loud * The cat is being a cat * Greg wears his tie dye singlet to the shops (it’s called the excuse singlet cause he always has a reason why he has to wear it) * I can’t find my sunglasses * I hate ABC2

The list goes on – I am sorry Greg as it would seem you are the main reason for my anger right now. I love you.

What about crying – anything to do with old people and I am out!

So here’s to the first 8 weeks of being pregnant. Woooo – not.

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