We Are Having A.....

The day had arrived.

We were finding out if this little human was a female or a male. The bets were on.

I’m not actually sure how, but I had a feeling of what it was going to be. G had his heart set on a boy and had already planned out his future of playing rugby and working for the family sporting wear business. Ok buddy, I’ll let you have this one.

We decided to keep it a secret and find out all together with the fambam. We had a cake made with the coloured icing in the middle and it was all ready to be revealed. About an hour before, I have an anxiety attack and need a moment to myself. Ok, so, what if it’s a girl? I am going to need to teach her how to be amazing and be respected while being a sassy female who can stand on her own two feet. I will need to have ‘the talk’ with her and be her best friend. I will need to introduce her to tampies and how it’s ok to cry when you want to. I will have to be the strong one for her when she feels like it is too much and make sure she finds a boy just like her dad (cause he is f@$king awesome).

What if it’s a boy? I will need to teach him to be just as f@$king awesome as his dad and treat women with respect and love. The rest I’ll leave up to his dad – I have no clue.

I regain my calmness and cut the cake.

It’s PINK – IT’S A GIRL!!!!

Holy shit, we are having a girl. Like a real life human female. G is excited (although I know he secretly wanted a boy) but we have a healthy little human and now we can start sorting the rest of the stuff that goes with it.

A girl – I know right!

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